Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

Soo these are a few things I have seen a LOT of this summer... I created a few sets to kind of show what's in my closet/on my wish list :)

Colors of the Spring
Lots of Lace, Mint, Florals, and Pastel Colors...Plus you can never go wrong with a good leather bag MK you do it well :)

Tango Tangerine
Ah yes Tango Tangerine...THE Summer 2012 Color decided by Pantone themselves
I love this
In love with my new leather Oxfords (Italy for the win).  I have seen lots of gold collar-like necklace pieces and gold detail on just about everything (which I LOVE) And hats, summer is definitly the best time for a good floppy hat...beach day? YES

My study abroad class work has kept me super busy these days.  My 40 page photo book is just about complete and I cannot wait to see the final product. It will be a nice keepsake.  I'll have to do a post of my favorite souvenirs later when I have more time woohoo I just wish I could be back in Europe...but I have to say, home is pretty wonderful.

xo Victoria 


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  1. I really like these outfits!! Especially the first one! I love pastel colours and these dress and the blazer are more than gorgeous! Such a perfect combination!! I would immediatly wear it!!

    Hope you visit me on my blog


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