Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Day 24 June 13, 2012

So basically I decided the Swiss hate me. Just kidding, but the boarder patrol guy was not too fond of me today. I apparently made my way to the "Swiss" bathroom without asking. He then proceeded to shout and yell at me until Dr. Dan came to talk to him. I do not appreciate being talked to like I am an idiot, I was following the group ahead of me. It was really irritating but in the end we all used the "Swiss" bathroom...whatever.

Before the toilette ordeal, I did get to see a real "Royal Throne". We went to the Neuschwanstein castle and it was absolutely incredible. How cool, I actually got to see what inspired Disney's Cinderella castle. We walked across a bridge to get the best view of the outside. It was freezing cold, but completely worth it. The inside gave me even more of a wow reaction. Each of the room's walls were covered in designs as well as the ceilings with carvings and paintings. I enjoy drawing, so I can't imagine the time and effort those must have taken. The thrown room was my favorite and the floor was made up of over 2 million mosaic stones depicting life on earth. It gave me almost an Egyptian vibe with its gold, blue, red, and green hues. The Byzantine crown shaped chandelier was simply gorgeous, huge (over 2000 lbs), and filled with colorful stones. Some of the group mentioned it kind of felt like a smaller Beauty and the Beast ball room, I agree. I can't believe the king never even got to use it!

King Ludwig II also had a pretty fabulous bedroom built too. Dark wood carvings, blue/gold tapestries, delicate linen, and the most intense carved bed canopy are what I found to be most memorable.

Driving to Lucerne seemed like a lifetime with all the traffic. Dr. Mac's sneaky sleepy pic capturing gave me a good laugh along with Guy's ( our driver) German music. The passing gingerbread homes never seem to end along the German countryside. One day I want one. I will sit, read, sip caramel tea, and relax in my happy little gingerbread house.

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