Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday Day 23 June 12, 2012

I'm kind of sad we didn't get to spend more time in Munich. 2.5 days really isn't long enough..I literally felt like I spent my time looking at all of the things I could have done. My friend from Germany, Martin, told me all about Munich so I was looking forward to our stay. I mean there really was not much we could do about the weather or timing but we still managed to have fun. This morning was our Riedel glass visit and it was back in Austria. I was just happy to see the alps again. Our speaker gave us a brief overview on the history of Riedel and then we went into the shop to watch the glass blowers. One of the workers was making a decanter and it was the coolest thing to see. The hot glass was so pliable and he effortlessly formed it to what he wanted. The workers also used different colors and swirls to make designs. Riedel also had this show for us to walk through. Some people thought it was a little strange, but i enjoyed it. It was different and it reminded me of something I'd see at Disney World or a museum. The show just basically showed us little presentations on how the 5 senses and wine tasting work together. There were different smells and things to see as we walked through the presentation. Reidel was a quick visit and then we continued the drive to Fussen.

The small German town reminded me a lot of Avignon...little souvenir shops, cafes, and quiet people. Fussen remained rainy and cold as we unloaded and explored some of the shops. I found a really cute accessory shop and got a few things for my sister and I. I always seem to find those places, but I figured I needed to spend up my euros. Dinner was the usual Italian spaghetti and dessert. I feel like I always say that but Europe has the best food, especially Italian. My dessert was the best part. Who can pass up layered chocolate, bananas, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, and cream? Not this girl. Wifi was a mere €5 so my group and I definitely took advantage of that deal (much better than the €23 Holiday Inn Munich tried to charge). Kelli, Christi, Hannah and I had a wifi party in the hallway; of course it would not work in the comfort of our rooms. It was fun listening to our gangster jams and a lot of the others came and joined. As I'm writing this people passing in the hallways laugh at us. Then again who wouldn't? We all look ridiculous, I'm loving every second of this.


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