Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday Day 25 June 14, 2012

This morning I couldn't help but smuggle a few packets of the best tea ever during breakfast. It was a caramel flavor i had never tried before. With milk and sugar it almost tasted like a frappe. I definitely wanted a warm drink before our snowfield excursion in Mount Titlis. Luckily my ski socks I bought in Austria came in handy along with my fleece and jacket layers. As we made our way up the mountain we were all greeted with a perfect sunny day.

The chill factor was not too unbearable, and thank goodness for all of us TX children. Mount Titlis is a whopping 3000m in altitude and it was amazing. I could see the glittering snow and mountains going up the ski lift. It was crisp, untouched, and perfect. We were able to get a 360 view of the Swiss Alps on the first revolving cable car in the world. It was pretty cool to be able to see everything. At the top of the mountain we went sledding in the inner tubes and it was awesome. I had the best time ever but it was kind of scary at times because people we're going so fast it looked like they were going to fly off the hill. We basically started at the top of the hill and ended with a snow wall that you could slide up if you had enough speed. The other side of the wall sloped off into a steep hill...scary.

My poor sweet friend Ashley didn't have the best luck. She ended up with a broken collar bone after a sled collision. I hope she feels better soon. She is in good spirits and seems like a trooper. I am SO glad I came, it was an amazing morning in the alps...truly a gift from God. Only something so beautiful can be created by something so great. This sounds silly but all the snow reminded me of that husky movie Balto haha. The movie took place in Alaska, but still I've never seen snow like this until this trip.
 On our way back we saw some cute jersey cows with bells. If I had one I'd name her belle she can live outside my gingerbread home in Austria. My afternoon consisted of joking across the wooden bridge about trying to go shopping. Key word "try" it's SO expensive here. However, I was able to afford a delicious assortment of Swiss chocolates. The samples were delicious and really decorative and pretty. I want to buy more tomorrow...Today my group and I also made a new friend Tomas. We went downstairs for tea and he was the BEST server we have had in all of Europe. Sn interview seemed like s good idea, but his English wasn't very good so we just had fun conversations with him. Tomas was hilarious and he acted everything out to bridge the communication gap. We all even added each other on Facebook. Our conversations were of cow jokes, his country Slovakia, and just the great evening together.

Before the mountain


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