Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday Day 18 June 7, 2012

After having a glorious night sleep I woke up around 10am to a nice quiet morning. Hannah (room mate)went paragliding so I had the room to myself. It was nice being alone for a bit, leisurely putting on my makeup listening to music. I opened our room windows so I could enjoy the view of the alps. I'm already obsessed with windows, but this one takes the gold for most incredible view. Austria really seems to be one of my tops favorite places. These are a few of my favorite things here: strudel, friendly English speaking people, the alps, running around acting like I am in The Sound of Music, walking around feeling like I am in a movie, cozy feelings, old town, weinerschitzel, and Swarovski.

 I really wanted to eat at a cafe for lunch and decided to try Cafe Theresia. Mmm it was so good, I loved their ham and cheese toast. Our table was outside right in view of the mountains, perfect. Later on I went and took several groups back to the cafe, so the girls working there knew me haha. As lunch finished up, I met up with a few of the returning paragliders for some more Swarovski shopping. My mom wanted a pair of earrings and I wanted a matching necklace for my ring. It was one of the only stores that wasn't closed for the Austrian holiday. The holiday was kind of a bummer but it's not like I need to spend any more! Finally I found mom a really pretty pair of earrings and my necklace...success. We had a few hours to kill, which meant nap and relaxation before our festive Austrian dinner.

All I have to say is I am SO glad I decided not to go canyoning after hearing all of the horror stores. Extremes things do not excite me, and I know I would have been the one stuck at the top of the waterfall not wanting to come down. Ski lessons should be fun in the Alps tomorrow. The Austrian dinner was delicious with so much food, tons of meat, and fries. The servers never seemed to stop was so good but my tummy could not handle much more. Trying to yodel and dance some traditional Austrian dance moves made for an interesting night. We had fun and even made up some of our own dance moves. The lantern walk was beautiful and I wish I could have captured it on my camera. It was almost pitch black, but you could still see the mountains and farm lands we were walking through. The mountains looked so mysterious in the dark and the rolling hills seemed to go on forever. I wish we had giant quilts to lay on in the fields...the stars were beautiful. Definitely adding that one to my bucket list, I would love to do that one day.


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