Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thursday Day 11 Avignon/Nice May 31, 2012

It was a beautiful morning in Avignon today. Sunny, cool, and just perfect. The curtains in our room hiding the outside Palace of the Popes were red; I woke up to a lovely pink orange glow. I may invest in some red or sheer pink curtains, it was was great way to start the day. We weren't leaving for Nice we ate breakfast I wanted to stop by the markets before we left. There were so many cute shops to look in with all sorts of things. One of the things I noticed every shop had was pouches of lavender. I learned that the area we were in, Province, is known for it's lavender. So of course I had to grab a packet for my mom, it smells so good. My favorite shop out of all the markets had the most beautiful scarves and hats of lace and delicate fabrics. I bought a hat and scarf for 10€ each and it's been the best souvenirs of them all! The bus ride to Nice was not too long. I was able to rest and upload a few photos and before I knew it, the Mediterranean sea was outside my window. It was incredible to see the crystal clear water right in front of me. When we arrived we were super excited because our hotel room was massive. My roommate and I had the biggest balcony and a wonderful view of the Mediterranean sea. We all could not wait to get out on the beach. All of the group did the usual unpacking, settling in, and orientation. This was the best round of student presentations. They were all extremely creative and entertaining. For dinner my group and I decided to try a Cuban restaurant, La Havana. It was a lot of fun and the food was really good. All of us wanted to get a pretty drink to go with dinner. They were so good you couldn't even taste any alcohol, because there wasn't any. Silly us ordered from the wrong side of the menu, the french menu can be a bit confusing to understand. We had a good laugh and decided we would just have to go back in a few days for drinks and salsa dancing. I can't wait to see what else Nice has in store.

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