Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunday Day 21 June 10, 2012

Rain rain go away come again another day...that is basically what everyone was thinking today. We woke up to a stormy gloomy day in Munich. It was freezing, rainy, and a bike tour did not look like the best way to spend the morning. I'm still coughing and not completely 100% so I decided to sit out the bike tour. I was really looking forward to seeing Munich, and all the bike sights were places my German friend had suggested we see. Oh well hopefully tomorrow will clear up and we can see the English Garden. A group of us did decide to go back to Marienplatz for shopping since it seemed to be the main center in Munich. Except we soon found out that on sundays literally everything is closed. All shops, most restaurants, and sights to see were not open...womp. That is really disappointing seeing as how we are only in Munich for 2 full days eh. We were able to find this really cute cafe with the best hot chocolate though.

 Another up side, of the girls found an open movie theater with English movies! It was the perfect rainy day solution. Snow White and the Huntsman was playing and it was a really good movie. We all had fun in the small artsy theater and screen was so tiny. Cultural difference of the day, movie prices are determined by the length of the movie, so that was different. After the movie we made our way back to the hotel to catch up on some wifi. For some reason we were able to get free wifi in the lobby. It was like we hit the gold mine.

Dr. Mac mentioned last years group found a really good Mexican food restaurant called Joe Penas. At this point all of us would give anything for some great Mexican food, so we were all in for dinner. It wasn't to far the hotel and the food was wonderful. I split a fajita plate with the twins and ordered a strawberry margarita...Mmm heaven. Joes tasted like home, I think I am ready for some home very soon.

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