Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Day 14 June 3, 2012

After a short three days in Nice, today was our bus ride to Verona, Italy. So far has been my favorite drive. I literally felt like we we driving through the movie Twilight, but with smaller trees. My view was filled with tons of hills, mountains, and pure green. Since it was still early a misty fog covered the green hills, giving it a mysterious eerie look. When we got to Verona I was glad to be in another village-like town. The buildings were really old and filled with so much history...if only walls could talk. I was pleasantly surprised that our hotel room in Verona was another big room. We had already done a quick orientation of Verona back in Nice, so we had a free evening to explore the city before our city tour. At 4:30 a group of us decided to meet down in the lobby to get some real Italian gelato. We went to Gelateria and it was amazing and really inexpensive. I got cherry and dark chocolate ah it was yummy. I have a feeling we will be living at the Gelateria during our stay. The famous Juliet or as the Italians say, Gulietta's house was right around the corner. Some the girls wanted some love luck so we paid Juliet a visit. We saw the balcony and "felt" her statue for good luck haha. It was pretty and elegant but it looked smaller than how the movies usually portray it. After our gelato and Juliet fun we met with the rest of the group for our Verona walking tour. Our tour guide did a great job explaining all of Verona's history and he took us to all the major must see spots. My favorite was the river, it was a great photo backdrop. The girls and I really had a craving for some REAL Italian pizza and wine for dinner. We happened to come across a restaurant called Brek. It was so good, I loved the sparkling wine. One of the girls even made friends with our server, Silvio. He was nice and even brought us some free lemon drops with our check. I think I'm going to really love Verona.

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