Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Day 13 Nice June 2, 1012

Waking up to a free day in Nice, France was pretty amazing. I absolutely loved relaxing, not having to rush around, and exploring the beachy town of Nice. In a way, Nice kind of reminds me of the Island back home in Corpus Christi. Although its not nearly as beautiful, being by the water makes me happy. Our group wanted to go to the beach and then do a little a Nice shopping. I mean what else would anyone expect from a group of twenty-one year old girls in Europe! Unfortunately the weather was a bit windy and foggy, so we decided to go shopping first. My goal for the morning was to find a leather French bag. I was really excited my mom gave me the permission to get myself one really nice thing. There were tons of places to go and Nice even had a Galleries Lafayette. We went and took a look in Galleries, but the Paris store was definitely more impressive. This one had a smaller selection, but it was still neat to shop both stores in Nice and Paris. Of course it wouldn't be a day of shopping without a Zara trip so we went there for a little bit. It's funny because I am pretty sure my group has been to a Zara store in every country we have visited...oops. Finally after about five different stores I found my bag at Le Tanneur. It was exactly what I had been searching for... tan leather, big, and gold detailing. I was really excited because I hadn't heard of that name in the US and it was the perfect souvenir from Nice, France. After a great morning of shopping and lunch it was time for the beach. This beach was completely different from my home beach in Corpus, all rocks and no sand. The rocks weren't too bad if you strategically placed them around under a towel. Sunshine still never made its way out, but we still attempted to get a tan. We all had so much fun resting on the beach, taking pictures, and just enjoying the Mediterranean sea.

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