Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Friday Day 26, June 15, 2012

Hmm today was my last full day in Europe. Bittersweet best describes this incredible journey. It's sweet because I have never been so happy in my life, and bitter because now it is over. All of us definitely made the most of this long beautiful day in Lucerne, Switzerland. Lucerne's Old Town was fun to walk through and my group and I decided to splurge on lunch at The Fondue House. Yes, it was basically $50 queso, BUT how many times will I eat Swiss fondue? It was delicious and I was very much pleased with my lunch ( Swiss fondue, meats, rice, potatoes, veggies, chocolate fondue, fruit...).

After lunch and visiting Lucerne's famous Lion monument, I came back to pack my life away. Two hours later it all somehow managed to fit. I hope it makes weight...but I highly doubt it eh. The dessert cruise on lake Lucerne was the best way for all of us to end our European adventure together. We all dressed up, had some sweets, took tons of pics, and danced the evening away. The exact same question filled the boat...where did the time go? I still can't wrap my mind around how quickly time has passed! It seems like we spent so much time preparing for this and now we are finished. To celebrate the all nighter about to come (leave at 3:30am), the whole group went to club Roadhouse. I had so much fun dancing and the best part was all 80 of us taking over. The locals did not know what to think of all of us dancing and singing at the to of our lungs. I then returned to room 502, took a nap, and woke up at 3am. It is now time to go home. Today is basically a total of 15hrs travel time...but I think it'll give me some time to reflect on this incredible journey of literally the best summer of my life... I am finally on the plane, going to Texas.


  1. U look so stunning!! Id love to visit Switzerland too!! :)

    p.s. I hope you will check out my fashion blog too,
    if you have time! :)

    Much love,
    The Cabinet Of Fashion blog

  2. Thank you so much! And for reading as your blog super cute! :)

  3. wow, it seems like you had a great last day in switzerland :) and you're so pretty!
    good to know that the tips were helpful! :))

    xoxo Rebekah


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