Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Day 17 June 6, 2012

Note to self: Listening to a Mumford and Sons/Coldplay playlist while driving through the Alps is one of the best things ever. Recently my music taste has been getting into the whole folksy sound, and the mountains compliment it perfectly. I highly advise everyone to do this at least once in their lives. Anyway, today we were on our way to Swarovski Crystal and I was so pumped for this visit. We toured the showroom containing some of Swarvoski's iconic chandeliers, jewelry, accessories, and home pieces. I was in heaven. One of the girls, Sharene Kirchler, did a presentation and told us all about the Swarovski Crystal business. I took about four pages of notes and decided that Swarovski would be an absolute dream job ah! Their motto is, "We add sparkle to people's everyday lives." I love perfect! I think I would feel right at home. We then took a tour of Swarvoski's Crystal world and it was crazy! I felt like my little cockatiel bird attracted to all the crystal walls and chandeliers. After a few indecisive moments in the gift shop, I finally made my purchase and onto the bus.

Our next stop was Mair's Beerengarten, a berry farm. Stephen our speaker told us all about the 4am early mornings and hard work it takes to make all their jams, schnapps, and other berry products. He was even wearing traditional Austrian wear for an incoming holiday so that was even more perfect. I absolutely loved the farm, and the scenery was beautiful. It's crazy to think that these people wake up to such a picturesque view every single day. The Mair country store had all of their products and I bought a few jams and schnapps for my parents and grandmother.

 Since we were so busy with the company visits we skipped lunch and were starving for dinner. So we just played it safe and went back to Theresias Brau for some weinerschnitzel. Dinner was once again delicious and we then found a cafe, Wetter Cafe, for some wifi. The staff was really friendly and we even got an interview for class. Apparently Theresias Brau is not only great for dinner, but a fun place to go out. We found out that Wednesdays are student nights. So a group of us came back and had a fun get together of music and strawberry champagne (from the berry farm) before we left for Theresias. Surprisingly the quiet dining restaurant was filled with dance music, young people, and a lot of our group. It was so much fun befriending the local students and trying some of the Austrian beer. Now I am not a beer fan, but here it is pretty good. I am calling it a night, it's 12:30 and I need some sleep. Tomorrow's free day should be relaxing and beautiful.


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