Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thursday Day 4 London May 24, 2012

Sooo this morning I was free of any major plans until 2:00. My group had already taken our bike tour and we decided to visit the London Tower. I wasn't really sure what exactly the tower was, but after today I learned that I was awesome. The tower was also the perfect backdrop for some pretty amazing photos. Once again, my friend Allen let us have a photo shoot. The tower was so grand and enormous. As we made the trek towards the tower, beautiful giant yellow roses surrounded the walkway. They filled the air with a sweet perfumed smell. The Tower Bridge or London Bridge was on the way and I once again had to remind myself that yes this is real. The tower tour was fantastic and our tour guide was hilarious. He told us stories of the royal family, past coronations, gruesome beheadings, and the stunning Crown Jewels. They were 532 ct. of wow! Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and of course diamonds covered the displayed crowns and orbs of British royalty. I want to be royal haha After a long cab ride and local interview, Harrods was our next destination. Richard Madely did a wonderful job explaining the brand, value, and experience of Harrods. It was the most amazing store I have ever seen! He told us mind blowing stories that all came down to how Harrods create moments into memories for customers. That entire presentation was definitely a memory I will never forget at the finest department store in the world. After Harrods I was suppose to see Wicked but I was incredibly exhausted. I was disappointed in missing but I did not want to push myself too hard. It was nice to take some time to myself. That was exactly what I needed to recharge after a long but amazing past few days. As I returned to the hotel I chose to purchase the 24 hr wifi. Calling my parents, catching up with anxious friends, and working on schoolwork was a great way to settle down for the evening.

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