Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunday Day 7 Paris May 27, 2012

So basically I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Today was our Fat Tire Bike Tour to the Palace of Versailles. It was an 8 hour tour but it all went by pretty quickly since it took us time to get to and from Versailles. Once we arrived we biked around and went to a market place to buy a few things for our picnic. It was nice biking were cars weren't constantly trying to run over us and people weren't shouting everywhere. The market was so cute and had tons of bread, fruit, veggie, and cheese stands. They all looked so good and fresh . My new friend Ashley and I decided to sample a few items and ended up buying some strawberries, cheeses, and bread. It was all so fresh and inexpensive. America should have markets like that besides Walmart and HEB. We found it bit more difficult to communicate, but people were friendly if we attempted a few easy french phrases. After the market we all biked to Marie Antoinette's chateau and listened as our tour guide told us her tragic tale. It was getting to be lunch time so we made our way to the most beautiful courtyard for our picnic. The view was framed by perfect symmetrical trees along the canal where the palace awaited us on other end of the lake. I had to constantly remind myself that no I was not in a postcard. We sat by canal, ate, and took tons of great pictures. Finally it was time to head to the palace. I have never been in a more elegant and extravagant place in my life. It truly was the home of royalty. Everything from the floors to the ceilings were gold, red, extremely detailed, and grand. My absolute favorite was the Hall of Mirrors. That was the room I had been looking forward to most. It was another Pinterest pin must see of mine. There were chandeliers lining every part of the ceiling, walls of mirrors, and gorgeous painted ceilings. The palace of Versailles was breathtaking and a place I will never forget. After Versailles my group and I went to the Moulin Rouge show. All of the dancers, costumes, and acts were amazing. We ended up with a free bottle of champagne woohoo and had a great time at the show. I could go on forever about today, but I will just end by saying bonsoir.


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