Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Windy City

Yes that would most definitely be Chicago. I have been meaning to post this but Spring Break and school had had me pretty busy. But Feb 22-26 I had the chance to explore this beautiful city with a group of friends from the business school. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel on Michigan Ave, and hit all of Chi-town's major must sees.

We visited Millennium Park, Wrigley Field, China Town, saw Blue Man Group, Second City Comedy Club, and toured the Art Institute of Chicago. It was the perfect vacation away from school.

  I absolutely loved the city! The bustling streets and bright lights were a nice change of pace from the small College Station, Texas...I felt right at home with all of the friendly local faces.  Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly, not to mention proud to be from the city of Chicago. Looks like it a little Southern Hospitality can be found just about anywhere :)

This was a breathtaking view...VERY COLD haha I am so used to my 75-80 degree weather!

China Town was definitely an interesting trip. We had fun purchasing our $2 "Surprise Boxes".  They were filled with what seemed to be left over Chinese New Year decorations.  I got a paper dragon, and a flower bobby pin in my box lol.

The field was not open, but there were a lot of great photo opps in this area.  It was fun to walk around and play in the bits of left over snow :)
The Art Institute of Chicago was one of my favorite visits.  It was HUGE! We were there for about 3 hours and were not even close to covering half of the exhibits.  We walked around and toured the major areas of Picasso, Van Gough, and Monet.  All of the different mediums and types of art displayed were very inspirational.  I wanted to whip out some sketches and perhaps add some color to my usual pencil/charcoal drawings.  I could honestly spend all day in the there.  Oh Anddd it so happens to be where wedding scene of The Vow was filmed, pretty cool. 


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  1. I love Chicago. Every time I visit its rainy and cold however. Maybe one time I will actually get to go and it will be pretty.


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