Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break...I need another one

Ah this week has been one of my most exhausting weeks so far.  I came back from Spring Break and hit the ground running!  Meetings, projects, and school organizations have consumed my life.  Spring Break came and left wayyy too fast...It was such a relaxing week back home.  I wish I lived closer to school, it would be nice to study out here instead of a library.

I could sit out here all day long!  

My mornings consisted of blog reads and hazelnut lattes...Mmm Kurig hazelnut lattes, they have become my new favorite pick me up drink.  

Yes I am now a Hunger Games fan.  I only limited myself to the first book because I knew I'd get hooked anddd I have school to focus on for the moment.  I finished reading it in a day.  Obsessed. 

My boyfriend convinced me to pull out the kayaks.  It was so windy I literally felt like I was being pulled 
across the water. My little arms had a bit of a workout that day.

 My parents made sure I was well fed throughout my stay.  Haha it was wonderful not having to worry about what lunch or dinner would be.  The right photo is drum, a Greek salad and grilled asparagus from Black Sheep Bistro (very good).  And the left is a 6oz steak, loaded twice baked potato, and once again grilled asparagus from Scuttlebutt's lol funny name.

 I finally have some color.  Bringing out that flavor of mine ;P I got the a huge deal on this yellow Body Glove swimsuit...I wanted it last summer but the yellow was no longer available.  I made a trip to TJMaxx about a month ago and found it for $15 for both the top and bottom! Great Find :)) Definitely one of my new favorite summer pieces.


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