Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Bryan Market Place

Old Bryan Market Place is one of my favorite stores here in the College Station/Bryan area.  If I could have my future home look anything like the inside of it I would be SO incredibly happy.  They carry a wide variety of products that i absolutely, scarves, clothing, shoes, linen, bedding, dining items, tons of home decor, fragrances, and my personal favorite...candles!  All of their products have a homey vintage feel to them. Pretty much anything that can be pinned on a Pinterest board or found in a cute vintage style home is in this store. 

I made a trip to OBM last week with my friend Hannah.  It was definitely a girl shopping kind of afternoon.  I found a few things and they were ALL on SALE..woohoo. 

The first two scarves were in a huge scarf bin in the clothing section. Most of the scarves ran about $30 but were half off... I wanted all of them ah there were soo many gorgeous prints to choose from! The third scarf I on the right is actually from Target...Also on sale for $10 and the dots were too cute to pass up.

This shirt pretty much describes my recent top purchases.  Cream colored, flowy, and kind of drapey cut/styled top.  It was the last one in my size and on sale for $28...Not bad for RYU and orig. $65ish.  I bow is removable but that was actually one of it's major selling points :)  I am definitely a girly girl...bows, ribbons, and lace, Yesss pleaseeee!
Detailed bow from the above top

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