Friday, February 10, 2012

21 is Fun

The week of February 8th was quite the week :)  For that was the week I turned the magic numero 21!!! I had a an amazing week of friends and surprises. 

My birthday festivities began the 3rd with a beautiful dinner from my boyfriend at Maddens in Bryan, TX.  AH one of my new favorite restaurants.  All of the dishes we noticed were made "in house" and it was all absolutely delicious.  Hmm and I decided what makes this place even better is that it is attached to my favorite store...Old Bryan Market Place woohoo! The weather was awful that night, but getting caught in the is now a fun memory.  Even if we were under a tornado watch ahhh..

My actual Birthday Feb 8th fell on a Wednesday.  So I decided at midnight I wanted to go to The Corner Bar here in CS to buy a drink...Because now I can :)  I found JuneBugs and Upside down Pineapples to be my evening favorite. 
Bday Summary

My parents also sent me a birthday box! It was filled with lots of little surprises...A sweater and skirt from Express, A Vera Bradley purse, Tory Burch makeup bag, a cute scarf and hat set, and some little luggage tags for my upcoming Chicago trip.  Packages are always exciting, especially ones from my family. 

 Overall this week has been a success...I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in my life.  21 feels good...on to 22 :)



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