Friday, January 27, 2012

Recent Favorite Things

So lately I have been a huge fan of candles...

My roomate got me this this Yankee Candle for apartment smells like fresh baked cookies. Mmm

I need to buy the bigger Bird of Paradise candle. Half off at Charming Charlies! The small one was bout $7.. What a great find last week.
I have this one is in my has a very clean scent.

Voluspa candles are amazing...especially the one in Arcadia. I believe it is the brownish container with turquoise writing.

Last week during my Charming Charlie trip I bought several woven bracelets and a gold watch. 

Pistachio colored nail polish! Perfect with golds and pinks...
 BOOT SOCKS! Ok I don't judge me I have these in brown, grey, dark grey, black and cream. 
The dark grey and cream have buttons on the side. Ah just too dark cute...and they really do keep you warm.

Steve Madden P-Loop Knee High Riding Boot
Good ol' Steve...Mr. Madden can make me smile.  Last December I wanted these boots so bad but they were already out of stock for the season.  I could not find this pair ANYWHERE. I stalked them out online for months and low and behold this August I found a pair on size 7 and 9.
7 please! Thanks Santa


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