Thursday, June 23, 2011

 Soo today was going to be a rainy day...ya right not here in the south!  Sadly I already canceled my beach plans, and my craft buzz had not been fulfilled.  Momma to the rescue! She saw this cute vintage bag idea  and I was in love :)  I already have this facination with old timey looking fashion, so this was a perfect project for me.  There's something about it that makes me smile...classic beauty.  Sometimes I wish I was from an older time, or an old Hollywood movie haha...I'd love to play in all of the fun costume jewelry and dress up.

My finished Creation

Back to the bag, it was a very simple looks like it took a ton of time and effort right?  I saw a similar bag at a store for about $60 whaaaa?! No thanks  :)

All you need is a bag, some old jewelry pieces/beads (anything glittery), and E-6000 glue.  Once all of that is gathered start glueing your finds to the top flap of the bag.  We want subtle bling, not blinding bling lol

Old bead boxes :) It was a treasure chest!

Oh and you want to make sure you are in an open area when glueing...unless you want to learn like I did and end up with a smelly room and a headache :// 

 I told my mom Iwas going to use this bag every single day. Well maybe not but it's just so darn cute I love it :) Ah the joys of making somthing beautiful out of nothing.
<3 victoria


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